Fish-Net x Pollution Sneakers.

After a few accussations of Adidas being a huge polluter and not taking steps to reduct their carbon footprint the brand made something totally awesome.

Adidas teamed up with Parley For The Oceans and created a experimental sneaker made of 100% ocean trash and illegal fishing net.


It's a great idea. I'm sure the process of collecting mountains of trash floating in the ocean is expensive. But so it buying petroleum to make nylon and other synthetic materials. If every brand was able to collect a bit of trash to make a line of shoes and clothes the ocean and landfills would shrink a tad in theory.


I would definitely be on board to purchase the sneaker. I'm sure there's many applications for the massive island of plastic waste floating in the Pacific. My first thought is shoes and clothing for those who don't have it. Why not save the earth and do something philanthropic.