Moto Gp Starts tomorrow! Recap to the greatest race finish EVER!

Glory!! Moto GP is upon us! This Sunday kicks off the GP Race schedule. I grew up watching all forms of automotive racing, from NHRA Drag racing, to NASCAR, but my favorite it Moto GP and AMA Super Bike. Something about the precision and speed makes watching an incredible experience. The GP returns with 18 rounds of excitement. This year's schedule is missing Indy. Kinda sucks the US went from 3 races Indy, Laguna Seca, & Circuit of The America's in Austin to JUST Circuit of The America's. Hadnt thoroughly read into why the tracks were cute from the schedules. Above is the greatest final laps in Moto GP history.. Rossi v. Lorenzo. Below is the 2016 schedule. I'll keep a look out for a good stream link.

Moto GP race schedule