Ian Strange's (@kidzoom) perspective of Home, Suburbia, & Displacement.

There are artist as we all know artist, then there's those who are working on a grand scale that stuns and makes you wonder "how the fuck?"


I've followed the work of Kid Zoom aka Ian Strange since about 2010.  Social networks got ridiculously useful and made accessing new things even faster. I followed Kid Zoom every where via tumblr. Coolest thing is, he's accessible. Often open to brief discussion about projects.  What struck me in 2010 was the size of his art work. I was breaking out 16x20 inch canvasses and he was working on taxidermy bears and huge wall sized canvas. My tiny studio efficiency was no where near large enough to work large, but didn't stop me from dreaming about larger work.

Soon after the large canvas and taxidermy works, Strange built a replica of his childhood home from memory in the exhibition "HOME" and spray painted one of the dopest skulls I'd seen on it. This is the exhibition that Ian also beat up and set fire to 3 sedans in the short film "The Destruction of Three Holden Commodores"

Of course after doing work on a grand scale you have to do it now on a grander scale. The Home exhibition was followed by "Suburban". This was a personal " investigation " of the "icon" status of the home and suburbia as many know it. The project was photographed and recorded in amazing quality but the exhibition was held in Australia. 

 "Final Act" was the continuation of the Home & Suburban projects. It was executed in the town Christchurch, New Zealand that suffered major damage from an earthquake. 180 people were killed in the quake that buckled the earth's crust and liquefied sections of soil. The town of Christchurch was evacuated due to structural instability. The abandoned town was a showcase of nature's power and how humans are displaced by it. The home were cut, dissected, and lit to highlight the framework. The project showed the homes in a more spirited manner before being demolished. 


After seeing & speaking to Kid Zoom via his Instagram, I learned that this project is continuing in Japan's Nuclear exclusion zones that were abandoned in the tsunami disaster that was also caused by an earthquake. The force of the quake no only caused a massive tsunami the killed almost 20,000 individuals but it also displaced many more from structural damage to homes and Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Power plant. Interested to see how this body of work will be executed by Strange. I would like to also see how the work is received by the residents that once occupied the exclusion zone.

All pictures and video is courtesy of Ian.