Kaws. The millennial's pop art icon.

aws is hands down one of my favorite artist. He's an artist who's work gets everywhere, FAST. No matter what he releases, the masses flock to buy it up. Many were introduced to Kaws from his album cover work on the Kanye West's 808 and Heartbreak album. For others it was the remix of the Simpson's character with the signature cross bone skull heads.

No matter how you got your first dose of the artist, nothing was bigger than The Macy's day parade Companion and The MTV Awards Kaws Moonman. Artist born Brian Donnelly start his art career on the streets of New York in the graffiti world. After some schooling he went on to coloring in cartoon animation. During this time he would unlock advertising displays and paint his crossbones over ads from huge companies. Well some of those companies took notice and begin hiring the artist to make their shit cooler. This was what lit the fuse. These opportunities created a pop culture icon out of Kaws. Clothing, toys, pillows, rugs, collectible key chains, paintings, prints, figurines, album covers, bigger ad collaborations, books, and knock offs flooded the art market. 

Kaws is one of the examples of the art grind paying off big time. The most remarkable thing is. Mr. Donnelly remains this quiet power house that loves his work to be enjoyed. No ego, no flashy life, just work. So artist, Just keep fucking creating!