Relax fellas.

Yesterday, International Women's Day, I witnessed men use the hashtag to tell women how to be women, how to be respected, how to bleh, how to how to blah. Was gonna ignore it.. but neutrality and silence is enabling. Keep it up and I'll start tagging you in these post, fuck up your whole shit because I know lots of women and will watch them to run amok on the post. And enjoy it.

Women can do, wear, say, post, and be what the fuck they want. If it takes a woman to be fully covered, submit, assimilate, be second to you, not dance, not twerk, give into your desires & not embrace her body publicly to have your respect..... You never respected her in the first place, making YOU the problem. YOU lack respect for someone's being. That's not her. As men, never be or understand what it is to be a woman. Hell, some of us barely know how to be a damn man. At ease and sit the fuck back on that REAL women shit.

Then there was "where's international men's day"... We don't need one(even tho there is one). Historia has historically only highlighted men. Hence, "The First Woman To" articles we see damn near daily. Women should be valued and praised for their accomplishments and being daily. Relax and check that privilege.

-Hands Team

Oh Ashley Graham....... I love you.

Yasssssssssssssssssss Ashley Graham! She's killing it this year and I love everything about it. The lovely lady is made it to Maxim Mag. This is craaaazy considering that most of the models on the cover of the magazine are like ....all boob, nk hips and no ass lol.


Any.. Women are gorgeous. Ashley... Baby.... I love you forever!


photos by: Gilles Bensimon