As artist we sometimes lock ourselves away and work, losing track or the world outside of the workspace.  Personally I cram everything into the figurative box, that space gets stuffy. The one place I can go to empty the clutter is the museum. 

The DMA is perfect. It's filled with everything I love, it's clean, spacious, and free. It's literally the place I can go exhale.  

Here's my two favorite pieces from toasts quick therapy visit.

 'Hanging Neon'.  Stephen Antonakos. n  eon & black paint on metal   .

 'Hanging Neon'. Stephen Antonakos. neon & black paint on metal .

Paraj, 1965.  Victor Vasarely- t  empera on panel.

Paraj, 1965. Victor Vasarely- tempera on panel.

Just realized they're both green and red. Hmmmmm.. Inspiration maybe.