I'm back bitch!

So. If you click my link within the last year and some change you got a "website expired". I'm aware. Many of you let me know.. 


"Your website's down" ."Sup with the site" "Why your website not working?"

Honest answer, I didn't feel like doing shit. I lost a lot in 2015. I was empty, pissed, hurt, uninspired, frustrated, and probably depressed. I also was spending money monthly on a website people weren't buying anything from. There's always people that are asking for a website but will DM you asking where to buy shit.  

  "Well, there's a link in my damn bio.........Bruh"


At the time I felt it was pointless and it was. I know in right and I know because it's my shit. Anywho. I'm in a better place mentally, creatively, physically, etc. So I turned the site back on. I will be updating the blog with cool shit that I like or find inspiration in daily. I will also be adding new products and art as it's created & photographed.  May drop a new backpack and duffle bag combo soon. MAY. 


If you read this and got to this part of the reading, I fucks with you and you're clearly with the shits. Hit me on whatever social network platform we're friends/followers on and I got a discount code for you.