Minimal, Green & Assembled with a screwdriver..... Just not in the US.

PopUp House  is an architecture and design innovative with the goal of making cheaper, yet high quality buildings with less carbon footprint in mind. Saw their video floating around Facebook and decided to do some research.

First discovery I made was.... They aren't from the US. Typical, seems many European countries are leaps and bounds ahead of the US when it comes to taking wasteful construction and energy practices seriously. 

My second discovery was..  This particular home takes four to eight weeks to build in factory and a few days to fully assemble. The frames, insulated blocks, and panels are prefabricated in a controlled environment. This allows materials to go un-wasted. 


My final finding was; the builders were actually only using power drills not screwdrivers to assemble the structure. Screwdrivers seemed cool but I was a bit skeptical. I live in Texas. Will a house held together by hand tightened screws stand up to a spring storm? 

The "Passive" house is customizable allwoing the owner to increase space or add a floor.

The "Passive" house is customizable allwoing the owner to increase space or add a floor.

After poking around on the PopUp House site , more details about cost emerged. The PopUp "Passive" House cost between $1200 & $1900 per meter. That's roughly $130k for a modest 93 square meter (1000 square foot aka all I need for me and the dog). This is just the home cost.  There's of course a design and assembly fee. You are also responsible for your land, landscaping, and utility setup which varies by location, personal preference, and technology used to make your project more energy efficient. By eyeball estimation I would guess I'm this would run an American about $200k but could have some green energy tax exemptions. 

Still a cool idea. 

Throwback Thursday: JMR

Last year while scouting artist for the Random Art III art show I was introduced to a super cool artist from NYC living in Dallas. JMR's style is a crisp, well presented mash-up of minimalism, abstract, pop, and street.  Each piece of work as a noticeable flow/ movement but somehow uses the existing elements and space perfectly. Never thought I would be so intrigued by lines. check out his LINESCAPE show at Circuit 12 Gallery. You can also check out Rizzi's website here.