Brand New Scrambler with Customization or Used Stock Monster?


Every time I think I make my mind up about which Ducati bike I want to purchase, someone shows off their customization of their motorcycle, or Ducati releases something totally insane. When the Scrambler was released last year.. Wasn't feeling it. They people added creativity to something I felt was eh and now I want one.


And then there's the Monster. It's just bad ass. Sounds beastly. Looks cool, has all the top of the line features. Etc etc. Still my top pick in the Ducati family. It just cost more than the Scrambler and I'm poor. 

Only difference is... The Scrambler needs some dopeness added.. The Monster stands as is..badass. Would you rather make something uniquely you, or have the perfect bad ass ? Sighhhhhhhhhhh.. 

Guess the decision could be much harder if you threw in the new Xdiavel Cruiser.


Whatever Ducati. Disstewmuch.