Testosterone levels: High

Insane driver Ken Block returns with an even more monstrous drift video. Gymkhana 7 is a testosterone laced joy ride in the only 845 horse power, all wheel drive Mustang ever created. Not sure what it cost to shut down busy highways in L.A. but hey.. Sponsorship money is the absolute best money to use for anything. The backing from this crazy project range from Hooligan to Monster Energy Drinks  to Castrol Motor Oil to Ford Motors. Safe to say there's not a lack of available funds. Click and watch. It's crazy.


here's another of Ken Block's crazy ass videos below.



Bruhhhhhh.. You're crazy but thanks! Lol

I dont know if this guy is more insanely stupid or epicly fearless. Which ever he may be, Danny Macaskill brought us all a video of the immense gorgeousness of nature. The  Cuillin Ridge in Isle of Skye, Scotland would've have been a place I never heard of if it wasn't for the guts of this individual. So Salute to you good sir!