Steal Like An Artist.


As I closed out my 4th year and entered just my 5th into the actual art world I found myself struggling. The struggle wasn't the work or the creating aspect. It wasn't not being able to buy supplies, or having the time/space. My struggle was/is what do I want to say with my work? What voice will it have? What will someone take away from it. What style of art does my work fall under? Question, question, wrapped in another question, dipped in a sticky honey thick question. As these inquiries swirled between my ears, I was gifted this book in a white elephant gift exchange. ( which happened to take place on my extremely epic birthday/xmas gathering, so much fun was had)

It took me a week to finally crack the book open. Weird but I fell in love with the feel of this book.  The physical feel. The covers (front and back) are made of a cool matte paper, but had a semi gloss, velvet texture. It just felt good in my hands. As I read Austin Kleon answered just about all of my art questions. As well as give me affirmation that I am on the right path. Also, that my questions are totally normal for artist and creatives in general. From the period where I mimicked the works of artist I look up to (to learn technique), but also the importance of content control on social networks. The only aspect of the book I didn't enjoy was Austin telling all emerging artist to keep a job. This is only because I quit a decent job to go full time artist two years ago andddddddd I don't want to go back to the day job life! Haha

I recommend this book from anyone that does anything in the art community, or does anything freelance. It's super affordable ($11 bucks of amazon). If you have questions, I'm sure this book will answer more than a few. 


Happy Tuesday Bruh,