Feeling Accomplished!


 Anyone that knows me personally knows I am the most analog person ever. I'd rather pen and paper over Microsoft office. I'd rather build something physical, in oppose to coding. But finaaaally I sat and built my very own website. It was a long painfully boring process but I did it. I feel like a proud member of the geek-squad now. To kick off the launch of Blaq.us I am giving my first ever coupon!

Use the code 'YasssNewSite' to get 25% off of The Calvin (Onyx). 


"The Calvin (Onyx) " is a double row bracelet crafted with Laser cut Onyx stone beads and nylon cord. Each piece is fully adjustable with a sliding shamballa style closure. This is a limited time offer because I feel ever so wonderful about finishing the site with no assistance. I will be updating the blog daily and the portfolio section after I make the my art work presentable for online display. 

Create. Love. Inspire.