I met Desmond Blair about five years ago via Facebook. Being an artist of course other artist introduce you to more artist and so on. Always  loved Desmond's work. The day came when I met the man behind the work and I found out he was painting these incredible portraits without hands as most of us know hands.. Desmond was born with limb deficiencies. He was born without fully developed hands. At that moment I felt like a complete asshole because I had paintings I hadn't finished and made excuses for them not being complete.... And this guy shows up with masterpieces. Desmond is an inspiration, he lets absolutely nothing get in his way. He work ethic is a Mack Truck and it steam rolls every challenge in its way. 



Desmond's attitude and drive make you literally put up or shut up without words. So as I slow poked around this morning, I saw Desmond the Rihanna painting and thought.....

You should be in the garage painting... So here I am. Finishing this blog post while I kick my tarp across the floor. While typing. Have a great Saturday. Get Shit Done!

Check out Desmond's work here.