What Y'all Listening To?

I need suggestions of dope music to create to. Here's my current list. It's in no particular order, but it's what is setting well with me at the moment. Comment your favorite new-ish albums.

4eva Is A Mighty Long Time - Big K.R.I.T.

4eva Is A Mighty Long Time - Big K.R.I.T.

FEELS - Snoh Aalegra

FEELS - Snoh Aalegra

Live In North Hollywood

Live In North Hollywood

Malibu - Anderson.Paak

Malibu - Anderson.Paak

Daytona - Pusha T

Daytona - Pusha T

Love & Leisure - Miguel

Love & Leisure - Miguel

Who is Grey?

Allow her to reintroduce herself... her name is Grey. Songstress Grey wiped the slate clean to give the world the version of herself she wants you to know, hear, see & love. 

Often as artist we listen to outside sources, only to realize we are the only source that matters when it comes to our craft. We all come to the fuck this moment and deconstruct what others built for us and start over. I'm sure this is where Grey found herself. Check out IDWL ( I Don't Wanna Leave) above.

IDWL is a three part video reintroduction. You can get more music and visuals at  

Twitter:  Grey_jpg

Instagram:  iamgrey.jpg

SoundCloud: Grey 

The 4 times Michael Jackson tried to tell our ass!

Hey, change starts individually...

Hey guys.. Let just respect each other..

Oh shit... Black and White didnt work! They still dont care about our Black asses!

Hey guys!! We're fucking up!!

He was more than a glittery glove and dance moves. He warned us bruh. He truly tried to deliver messages through music. The media frenzy surrounding persona kinda over shadowed the music's intent. He was talking to us.


Flow. This is all...

Listen to Jay Electronica - Road To Perdition by LAW #np on #SoundCloud 


Ye is back to rapping! "All day" sounds like Yeezy took bits and pieces from each album, threw them in a pot.. then found a uniform way to put them all on one track. Yes....even pieces from Yeezus (which I liked) I really hope the new album titled "So Help Me God" has more of this.

Music Monday


If you've been paying attention.. I posted about Monika Ashley two weeks ago. She's an amazing songstress from Dallas. While admiring her talent I also took notice of another local talent. Joseph Veazie was featured on a track yet to be released by Monika (I've had her entire project, most songs unreleased for over a year because friend privileges). After hearing Joseph I ran to Google to find more music. In the process I learned he was now in 'The Jealous'. A band comprised of " the cooled ashes of several Dallas musical acts". They're currently working on an Ep and released the first song 'Attention Whore' recently. Definitely keep a watch out for these guys!


The Jealous Members

The Jealous Members


Joseph Veazie - Voice

Aaron Anthony - Guitar & Piano

Ryan Sprague - Drums & Percussion

Casey Brajevich - Bass

Lucas Starr - Guitar

IG: Thejealous

Twitter: WeAreTheJealous


Listen to Attention Whore by The Jealous #np on #SoundCloud 


Once in a while you find yourself absolutely wow'd by an individual's gift. Many times the person with the most effortless gift is the underdog. 'Tis the story of  Monika Ashley.  I met this amazingly talented lady while assisting with the filming of her music video for Pinocchio.  We had a chance to joke and poke fun at each other mean spiritedly almost immediately after we shook hands. Moments later....CHILLS. She began to sing, and I was overly impressed by one of the strongest voices I've ever heard. Her talent flows with ease! She just sings and you're swooned.  Take a click over and here Monika's EP - No Good and previous recordings here.