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*taps mic* this thing on?

So 2013. I was given the chance to learn/help in THE GALLERY at The Fairmont. I fell in love with a dream. The dream was to use the knowledge I gained from a great mentor to help my art friends get where they wanted to be career wise. I scrubbed floors, sanded and spackled gallery walls. High walls, on a shaky ladder. To be given the chance to have a show. MY first art show was June 21, 2013. I had zero pieces of art work in the show. I used my relationship with the gallery to help others. The first Random Art show had $5000 in art sold and 300 guest.

Random Art 2. Was planned just 4 months later on November 22, 2013. We had about $4000 in art sold 500+ guest. Random Art Three. November 1, 2014. 657 guest, $2,000 in art sold, with 3 big sponsors.

 Jason Sanders & I have dedicated hours, days, weeks, months, hell an entire year into FOOT WORK, shaking hands, networking to craft this. We have out grown being just a pop up art show. We have been given the opportunity to own a physical gallery. I have swallowed 110% of my pride and launch a gofundme campaign.

Support our dreams here! 

I need y'all to overly support it. We have built a brand friendly to local artist. THIS IS NEEDED. We need your love and support to make this work. We CANNOT let this chance pass us by. I've put everything I have into helping other artist get where they want to go. We want to grow that idea by 1,000,000. 

Music Monday


If you've been paying attention.. I posted about Monika Ashley two weeks ago. She's an amazing songstress from Dallas. While admiring her talent I also took notice of another local talent. Joseph Veazie was featured on a track yet to be released by Monika (I've had her entire project, most songs unreleased for over a year because friend privileges). After hearing Joseph I ran to Google to find more music. In the process I learned he was now in 'The Jealous'. A band comprised of " the cooled ashes of several Dallas musical acts". They're currently working on an Ep and released the first song 'Attention Whore' recently. Definitely keep a watch out for these guys!


The Jealous Members

The Jealous Members


Joseph Veazie - Voice

Aaron Anthony - Guitar & Piano

Ryan Sprague - Drums & Percussion

Casey Brajevich - Bass

Lucas Starr - Guitar

IG: Thejealous

Twitter: WeAreTheJealous



Listen to Attention Whore by The Jealous #np on #SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/wearethejealous/attention-whore 


Once in a while you find yourself absolutely wow'd by an individual's gift. Many times the person with the most effortless gift is the underdog. 'Tis the story of  Monika Ashley.  I met this amazingly talented lady while assisting with the filming of her music video for Pinocchio.  We had a chance to joke and poke fun at each other mean spiritedly almost immediately after we shook hands. Moments later....CHILLS. She began to sing, and I was overly impressed by one of the strongest voices I've ever heard. Her talent flows with ease! She just sings and you're swooned.  Take a click over and here Monika's EP - No Good and previous recordings here.