How supporting Chance The Rapper is beneficial to the culture.

Yesterday Sir Chance the Rapper donated 1 million dollars to Chicago Public Schools. A school district that has seen funds promised yanked away, leaving it's schools struggling and closing early for the school year. The early closures leave kids to the devices of Chicago's nasty underbelly. That underbelly is known to be the violence that has been on a steady increase for a few years now. The root cause of the issues Chicago and many big cities are facing just so happens to be the lack of investment into public schools, neighborhoods, and people. If governing bodies your tax money pays does not use those funds to insure schools are adequately providing a healthy learning environment crime rises. Poor education, a lack of job training, and lack of jobs creates survivalist. Many of those survivalist use crime to survive. Team that with the gentrification and rising housing cost and you have a fucking disaster aka "THE INNER CITY".

 Back to supporting Sir Chance. By getting behind Chance and making sure his shows and products sell the fuck out, he's able to further his efforts. Not only does supporting him help Chicago... but it inspires more people to put their money where their mouth is.  Protecting Chance at all cost may just jump start what we've been collectively trying to figure out. Chance's donation and what happens to it may lay down the blueprint for how we can assist our own community. So let's get behind The Rapper, buy one of his hats. Pack his shows. Pay attention to the provisions of his donations and replicate it to see how communities well in 10 years. The change isn't going to come over night let's strap on the boots and work. This work needs to happen for the CULTURE. As we publicly show we are above the perceived idea of what we are as Black people, the narrative changes. The media can no longer call us thugs, welfare queens, etc. They have to either shut the fuck up or show us as the philanthropic, dope, moving force that we are.

In closing, Chance is the muhfuckin MAN of the year already. Let's make sure he can continue.