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The Deformation of a Rapper Called Chance.

Chicago Sun-Times did exactly what is done everytime a Black man takes a stand for anything. He called out the governor for not doing his job and puts up the money/time to give back to HIS community. Then this publication says he's in court over child support.

1. It's not true, his daughter and girlfriend live with him. He's a very publicly active father.

2. It's a lie based on a BAD stereotype. All Black men aren't absent fathers and on child support.

3. Bitch stop lying. 


"The Kids Bro"  -Kanye

"The Kids Bro"  -Kanye

The Cause:

Chance the Rapper gave $1 million dollars of his own money to help the City of Chicago's violence problem. The issue of violence is not the cause of violence. The root case is the city's willingness to cut funding for schools in the Black and Brown parts of town, The lack of jobs in those areas, and the increase of rent to clear the areas for development that doesn't give those people affordable living options.

The Effect:

These factors have created a couple generations of folks with substandard education, no job training and no jobs to be trained for. Then the rental crisis stacks those people in housing projects not even suitable for prisoners. This creates crime. His funds were for education which gives the future generations the tools to maneuver above the current circumstances in the city. Chicago's issue is going to take time to correct, he made the step.These funds were in response to the overall issue at hand but also were to go to making sure these kids weren't subjected to the dangers of being unsupervised in an unstable environment.  

The CPS' recent history:

Chicago Public Schools has seen funding cut so short, schools close weeks earlier than normal because the district can't afford to pay everyone for the rest of a damn school year. Teachers are underpaid and don't have the tools to teach their students in effective ways to fit how kids happen to learn in today's society.  The teachers are planning a May 1 strike .

The Attempts to repair:

 Activist groups, rappers and athletes have stepped in to assist communities nationwide. Distributing the wealth these communities have afforded them. So for every time you hear "where are the Black leaders?" Research the attempts made by philanthropic donations, crowd funding, and lobbyist. Countless hours and dollars are being given but it seems governing bodies would rather line their blocks with gentrification money and add so much red tape you can't see issues never seen the dollars being given.

 A lso why the smear article pissed me off:

The first rebuttal to police killings is... But Chicago..Here's someone trying to help fix Chicago and there's an attempt to discredit 1 million dollars in help. Colin Kaepernick took a new, offered up his jersey sales and an additional pledge of funds, as well as started Constitutional rights camps, donated his insanely expensive shoe collection, and donated supplies to Standing Rock. He had the most EPIC smear campaign aimed at any civilian out side of Chris Brown. America has a twisted history at silencing Black men and when that's not successful, America shoots the guy.  MLK, Malcolm X, Chris Donner, Various members of the Black Panther Party. It's oppressive and wrong, it's also happens to be the reason people are called "ANTI-WHITE" or "Reverse Racist" (which isn't a real thing).

Side Note: For anyone who's ever stated I'm ANTI-WHITE pay attention to how ya folks are treating others. I'm not ANTI-WHITE I'm anti-oppression and anti historic white actions. I can honestly at this point say.. if you're not seeing the difference in the way people are treated, your simply closing your eyes and plugging your ears to it. And for THAT... you're an asshole.


In closing. Stop smearing us for being Black, because that's why Sun Time's article is. 

How supporting Chance The Rapper is beneficial to the culture.

Yesterday Sir Chance the Rapper donated 1 million dollars to Chicago Public Schools. A school district that has seen funds promised yanked away, leaving it's schools struggling and closing early for the school year. The early closures leave kids to the devices of Chicago's nasty underbelly. That underbelly is known to be the violence that has been on a steady increase for a few years now. The root cause of the issues Chicago and many big cities are facing just so happens to be the lack of investment into public schools, neighborhoods, and people. If governing bodies your tax money pays does not use those funds to insure schools are adequately providing a healthy learning environment crime rises. Poor education, a lack of job training, and lack of jobs creates survivalist. Many of those survivalist use crime to survive. Team that with the gentrification and rising housing cost and you have a fucking disaster aka "THE INNER CITY".

 Back to supporting Sir Chance. By getting behind Chance and making sure his shows and products sell the fuck out, he's able to further his efforts. Not only does supporting him help Chicago... but it inspires more people to put their money where their mouth is.  Protecting Chance at all cost may just jump start what we've been collectively trying to figure out. Chance's donation and what happens to it may lay down the blueprint for how we can assist our own community. So let's get behind The Rapper, buy one of his hats. Pack his shows. Pay attention to the provisions of his donations and replicate it to see how communities well in 10 years. The change isn't going to come over night let's strap on the boots and work. This work needs to happen for the CULTURE. As we publicly show we are above the perceived idea of what we are as Black people, the narrative changes. The media can no longer call us thugs, welfare queens, etc. They have to either shut the fuck up or show us as the philanthropic, dope, moving force that we are.

In closing, Chance is the muhfuckin MAN of the year already. Let's make sure he can continue.